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Home at Last is Now Available

Home at Last book coverHome at Last, the fourth Paul Kingston Mystery, is now available for Kindle and in Paperback at

Bass guitarist Paul Kingston’s career is going nowhere fast, and a lousy wedding gig leaves him wondering if he’ll ever get another chance at the big time. He has no desire to run around finding missing people, but a request from his buddy Dante leaves him with another mystery to solve: what happened to Rufus Campbell, Dante’s sister’s boyfriend, reggae bass player and undocumented immigrant?

Paul questions the members of the missing player’s band, each of whom seems to have something to hide. Meanwhile, he tries to get his limping music career on a better footing. Is it time to leave his home town of Milwaukee behind and head for the glitter and promise of Nashville or Los Angeles? And what has happened to his ex-wife Susan? After things were just starting to warm up between them, she’s disappeared without a trace. On top of that, why is some dude in a silver Grand Am following him all over town?

Home at Last is the fourth Paul Kingston Mystery, as packed as ever with music and suspense. As Paul’s personal and professional lives start to spin out of control, will he be able to save either one—or himself? .

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