The Fifth Paul Kingston Mystery


Bass guitarist Paul Kingston hasn’t seen Susan—his ex-wife and newly rekindled old flame—for months, and he’s all but given up trying to reach her. But when he returns from a gig to find his apartment ransacked, he suspects she’s involved. Is someone after clues to her whereabouts? Or has Susan herself broken in? Or does it have something to do with all the groupies that are hanging around outside, waiting for a glimpse of Paul’s now famous tenants, Justin and Dale?
Whatever the reason, the stakes are high. The near-fatal shooting of a new friend drives that truth home. From a high speed car chase, to a run-in with a couple of meat cleaver wielding thugs, to an unscheduled night in Milwaukee County Jail, Paul’s search for answers takes him on a journey he won’t soon forget, assuming he doesn’t get himself killed.

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