Footprints Thumb

The Third Paul Kingston Mystery

Caution: Slippery Roads Ahead

For bassist Paul Kingston, there’s nothing like going on tour to liven up the crawling pace of a long winter. He gladly takes a gig traveling the Midwest with the Ames Family Bluegrass Band. But when Terry Ames, the band’s guitarist, is found dead after a fall from high in the stage rigging, things start to get strange. Was it suicide, a drunken accident, or something more sinister?

Things get worse when a mysterious attacker shoots at Orville, the mandolinist, and Lizzie, the young banjo virtuoso, goes missing. Did she run away or was she kidnapped? Is someone stalking the band? What’s going to go wrong next?

Footprints in the Snow is a fast-paced read jam-packed with music, mayhem, and mystery. Hop on the tour bus and enjoy the ride, but watch your step. The pavement is icy!
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