Introducing the Paul Kingston Mystery Series

Billy Reno called me the night he died. By the next morning, I was the prime suspect in his murder. How many times since then have I wished I’d missed that call? More than I can count.

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Bass guitarist Paul Kingston didn’t kill his old friend Billy Reno. But the cops say he did, and he’s got no alibi. He’s about to start the biggest recording gig he’s landed in years, and now he’s wanted by the law.

Hounded by an overzealous police detective, stalked by a crazy homeless girl who claims Billy sent her, and struggling to make the recording sessions that can pull his music career out of limbo, can Paul find the real killer before the cops haul him away?

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Stephen L. Moss is the author of the Paul Kingston Mystery Series. He has also published fiction in Shimmer and Highlights for Children and non-fiction in CRAFT and Harp Column. He lives with his family in Indiana.


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